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Leeds Entrepreneur Sets Sights on Dominating Online Trainer Resale Market

The owner of a Leeds-based online platform for the selling and buying of rare trainers has said he hopes his business can dominate the UK market.

By Micheal Crossland
Oli Macer began buying, selling and trading trainers when only 16, and founded QOPPD in 2020, after starting out with only £3,000 from childhood savings.
Earlier this year, the business secured a six-figure investment deal after a backer offered to match any investment Mr Macer put in.
“There's a few competitors out there, but I think given what we’ve got we can definitely compete with them,” said Mr Macer.
“So that's our next step, to dominate the UK and be the number one market place.” Mr Macer notes that the global resale market for trainers is worth around $30bn. The first pair of shoes Mr Macer bought to sell were a white pair of Vans, which he sold for £20, making £10 in profit. His initial idea was to buy and sell shoes in order to be able to afford the more expensive pairs which he really wanted.
“I remember I made £80 and I thought: ‘this is great,’” he said.
“When I was starting out, I wanted to buy shoes for myself, but as time went on I wanted them less for myself and focussed more on business.
“I was quite young to be honest – still in school – I didn't really know what or where I wanted to go, so I kind of just did what I enjoyed.
“I started selling with about £3,000 I had saved up from my childhood, and I was limiting myself on only spending £200 on a pair of shoes.
“I didn't want to spend loads, because £200 is a lot of money when you're 16.
“And then I guess it turned into a business so here we are.”
Mr Macer’s biggest sale to date... To continue reading the full article visit The Yorkshire Post.
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