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Is QOPPD Legit?


The short answer: Yes, QOPPD is legit.


Founded in 2019 by CEO Oliver Macer, QOPPD has over 10 years experience of sneakers and more behind it. QOPPD have been helping sneakerheads secure some of the hottest Nike sneakers and Yeezy releases ever. If you took a L on that Air Jordan 1 or you need that Adidas collab in your personal collection, QOPPD is the place to guarantee you a pair for the best market prices with the peace of mind your pickup is genuine.


At the end of the day, hyped sneakers aren't cheap and you shouldn't store your credit card details on any old site. The last thing that you need is a scam that will leave you both out of sneakers and out of pocket. That's why this full review of QOPPD from a buyer and seller perspective and answering is all you need to know as we aim to answer the question, is QOPPD legit?



So How Does QOPPD Work for Buyers?


QOPPD is an online marketplace that focuses mainly on hyped sneakers. From Off-White to Travis Scott, Dunks to Air Max and many more, their huge library of 190,000+ sneakers is extensive to say the least.


With QOPPD currently only operating in the UK, the buying process is straight forward. Jump onto search for the item you want. Be patient as loading 190,000+ sneakers will be worth the wait while the site loads. Then depending on your size you can instantly see what price variation there is based on what size you need. Prices are competitive as sellers aim to be the lowest in order to get the sale.


As soon as you find the size that you're looking for, click it and those grails will automatically be added to your cart. All prices are inclusive of VAT. So just pop in your billing information and payment information. Creating an account with QOPPD will mean a much smooth checkout process for you as address and billing information will be securely saved to your account; register here. Payments are operated through Stripe for the most secure process you could ask for, learn more here. Once this is all complete, QOPPD will ask the seller to ship the sneakers to you. This process usually takes a maximum of 5 working days as sellers are encouraged to ship within 2 days for the quickest delivery.



So How Does QOPPD Work for Sellers?


Selling on QOPPD is more secure and streamline than any other sites processes. If you've for some rare Air Max sneakers that you just got through a raffle or an old used pair that’s just collecting dust now, QOPPD is the perfect place to sell them. Start by signing up here and connnecting your stripe account for secure payments, find this in the 'my account' section.


When selling new items: All you need to do is accurately list your shoe/size on the marketplace and wait for buyers to come rolling in.

When selling used items: It’s just as easy except detailed image guidelines are provided as well as filling in the relevant condition information.


Once your grails are sold, you have two working days to send your item. If you don't meet this deadline, then they'll be forced to return the money back to the buyer's credit card and you'll most likely be fined and banned from the website. Shipping costs are fixed and sent to sellers in their pay-out, so the buyer covers shipping costs. All cash will go through your Stripe account, and you will b paid directly to your bank account depending on the pay-out timeframe your account has, this becomes quicker the more you sell but is slightly delayed for new sellers for another layer of protection for our buyers.


Of course, QOPPD is a business at the end of the day and need to make some money. Their fees are 10% plus a £2.50 payment processing fee. If these numbers aren't clear to you, you can see the breakdown of fees when you begin listing an item. Promotional offer with discount fees also appear here, as we see fees are currently as low as 5%!



So, QOPPD is indeed a genuine reseller platform that you can use to buy and sell your sneakers. With thousands of users every month, a specialist department that detects scams, a dedicated legit checking team, and a Trustpilot score of 4.5 out of 5, you can very safely cop your hyped sneakers and grails right here.


For buyers, you'll get your full money back if something goes wrong within the transaction, and for sellers, you'll get a wide platform to sell your pairs. They even hold competitions too so you can win sneakers for free and they often release promo codes so you can save even more on the sneaker you've always wanted. is 100% legit.


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